Okay here’s the deal! I’m looking at getting my name legally changed really soon which costs $185 here in Massachusetts. I haven’t worked in a couple of weeks thanks to a busy and ill start to the school semester and while I’m still making it alright off of my summer earnings and have some shifts coming up this week I would feel a lot more secure about this financial decision if I had a little more to offset it. As a result I’m offering a few slots for some quick knitted beanies at last fall’s prices to give me a little more of a bumper.

  • I will be accepting 5 commissions at the most
  • Each hat counts as a separate commission
  • I aim to finish them by November
  • It is easier for me and quicker for you to choose from colors I already own (pictured and numbered in the last photoset image above, right click and open in new tab/window to get the best look at the options) but I can purchase new colors if you don’t like any of those
  • One color is $15, two colors is $18 and I will only do up to two colors for this spurt of commissions (prices include shipping in the continental US)
  • Beanies only please! I’ll open for scarves and other items later in the season at adjusted prices (examples of more stuff can be seen here)
  • Paypal only please and I request half the payment up front

If you would like to commission me for a beanie or you have any questions please message me here on Tumblr!

October 02, 2013 - 6:19pm [1 year ago]

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